Gift Guide for people who loves Harry Potter! 

Not going to lie but I feel like a pro when it comes to finding quirky Harry Potter gifts. My boyfriend Darragh is one of the biggest Harry Potter superfans so buying presents for him at Christmas is super easy. I’m always on the watch for Harry Potter themed presents and from our recent trip to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I can see that my followers also love Harry Potter too. I’m going to share some of the cool and quirky presents that all Harry Potter fans would love this Christmas. I’m still on the hunt for a Harry Potter Monopoly, if you find one tweet me on @k8_kell 

Personalised Chocolate Bars:

The Irish company Sweet Living Killkenny sent me this picture on snapchat of personalised Harry Potter chocolate bars. Sorry Darragh but this is 100% going into our Christmas present list! They can make all types of personalised chocolate bars and the chocolate also tastes amazing!


Tickets to The Cursed Child Play:

Tickets are like gold dust for this play and after seeing it last week I know why. It was one, if not the best play I have seen! The story line is incredible but the magic behind the theatrics is mind blowing! I won’t spoil anything but you will be on the edge of your seat for this play. It’s in two parts and we saw both one day after the other. If you can’t get both parts get part 1. Be warned I booked tickets over a year in advance! Check dates out here.


Wooden Harry Potter Clock:

Etsy is where I find most of the best quirky Harry Potter gifts. I got Darragh this clock last year and it is so beautiful. It’s hand made and had the Hogwarts crest on one side and a quote on the back. If you have enough time you can get names put on your clock. It’s arounf €40 and is so beautiful in person. Shop online here.  Photo from


Accio Nutella Spoon: 

A spoon for your spells and nutella! Again another fabulous Etsy purchase. Darragh is a huge fan of nutella too so I really did well with this present. Image, buy online here €17.


Harry Potter Bow Tie:

Last year I was queen of the Etsy Harry Potter presents. This bowtie again is so beautiful in person and really classy. I though it might have looked a little childish in person but the pattern isn’t too much either. The exact bowtie I bought in the image below is no longer available but there are several simlar styles here. 


The essentials in Penneys!

Of course I had to include the best place in Ireland for getting Harry Potter essentials. Penneys or Primark has every piece of clothing a Harry Potter fan needs. I think I have over 5 different types of pj’s from the collection. From socks to slippers Penneys has everything for a Harry Potter fan. As you can see from me posing in the photo below we have a lot of Harry Potter merch from Penneys.


Harry Potter door mat with quote:

Perfect present for a Harry Potter fan who has moved into a new house! For €22 you really cannot go wrong! Buy online here. Image from webisite.


Harry Potter Makeup Bag:

Another fab site I love for personalised presents is Not On The High Street. This makeup bag is so cute! Expensive at €2o but very cute. Picture from website and you can buy nline here.


Slogan tees and sweatshirts:

Casual slogan tees are my fave! I’ve a few pieces from Rock on Ruby’s collection and they have some super cute Harry Potter tees and sweatshirts. They also make customized clothing! Check out for the collection.


Remote control Wand: 

This is my favourite gift from this gift guide! Why get them a wand that they will never use, let the magic begin and play tricks on the muggles in your life with this remote control wand! Found online on amazon for $50 this is the coolect Harry Potter present on my list! Buy online here.


Harry Potter Board Games:

Christmas in our house is when all the board games come out. We are very competitive so we have every board game under the sun. Cludeo and Monopoly being our favourites. €40 on 


Happy Shopping!

Love Kate x


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