Hello 2017, you look different!

I’m not one for making New Years resolutions because I don’t believe that you should start something just because everyone else is all at the same time. I also don’t think you will always stick to those New Years rules. I wrote a few blog posts last year about things I wanted to achieve (again didn’t stick to them all, what was I thinking about cooking a new meal every week from the body coach cookbook). Instead I keep a notebook with weekly thoughts, crazy plans and notions that are total notions! Sometimes I achieve these, sometimes I don’t, that’s life! It’s important to set goals and aims but you also shouldn’t be so hard on yourself if it takes a little longer than planned to achieve these goals. Don’t compare yourself to others and be YOU! 

Last night I read my first post of 2016 all about what the year would bring and what an interesting year the previous year,2015, had been for me personally. Reading that post brought a lot of emotion back because since then major parts of my life have changed completely, some for the better, some for the worse. 


I step into 2017 in a new career as digital coordinator for Benefit Cosmetics in Ireland which I am so excited for. It brings so many new opportunities that I can’t possibly predict what will happen in 2017. Watch this space though, it’s going to be fun! 


I achieved something last year I  thought I would have been too afraid to do. I went on a holiday on my own to New York! I’m already planning my next solo travel trip for this year I loved it so much. The feeling of independence and being your own person is something I want to bottle and keep forever. I’ve grown into an incredibly independent person, something I thought I could never be and I love it. I haven’t always been independent and a little tip from me is make a list of 5 things you think you could never do on your own and aim to achieve at least one of them this year. Big or small, they are all challenges and you can do it!


My blog also won it’s first award being named ‘Best Beauty Blog’ at the Aussie Hair Blog Awards in May. What made this award even more special is that my friend Stephanie also won an award for her blog, www.snappedup.ie!  I also set myself a fun task for my blog with my 100 days 100 outfits challenge, I couldn’t wear the same outfit twice in 100 days! You can read about it here.

100 (1)

Little did I know that I would have not one but two blogs while working full time! I also want to start YouTube but realistically I need to become more organised. Reflecting on the year I want to be more personal on my blog, writing more themed posts with lifestyle in mind. I also want to write more and spend less time on snapchat, think we are all guilty of over indulging on snapchat. Over the Christmas holidays I didn’t watch any bloggers snapchats and instead I read their blogs, something I hadn’t done in ages! I think sometimes on snapchat we forget our creative flair and just waffle on about what we did for the day or that soup we had for lunch, forgetting about why we blog and what makes our blog unique. I’ve been given some amazing opportunities with my blog along with being part of some fun collaborations with other bloggers and the Irish Blogger Agency. For me blogging isn’t about making money, it’s about being creative and showing my own personal creativity (something I will touch on in another blog post very soon). Check out my second blog which is all about travel on www.wheretonextdarling.com. 


My personal life has completely changed with my other half moving to the other side of Ireland last September. Both our lives had to adapt to this and it hasn’t been easy (I keep my crying off snapchat, I’m not pretty when I cry) but we are making the most of this incredible opportunity and plan road trips around Ireland where the two of us can meet. 

 When someone in your life is given and opportunity they can’t turn down adapt your way of life a little and make the most of it, it’s all about compromising! I’ve never been in a long distance relationship like this before. Living for the weekend, counting down the days till you see them again then crying when it’s all over and you have to go home on your own. We have had so much fun on these mini holiday’s, seeing different parts of Ireland and just being adventurers. It’s created amazing content for our travel blog ‘where to next darling..?’ and we are seeing places in Ireland that we completely took for granted. We are on our own little adventure and making memories that we’ll have forever.

 What I have really loved is that you ladies, my readers have also loved the adventures. I want to make them as realistic and affordable as possible because you know what, everyone loves a little adventure. To me, travel is all about the experience and the memories you make on the journey. 

Facebook memories are brilliant. I love getting a notification about my friends showing pictures of our funny memories, dodgy haircuts and moments you can never forget. My friends are my everything and if you are my friend you’re stuck with me forever. This year I’ve made some incredible new friendships that I don’t know how I didn’t have these people in my life before. I nearly know straight away when I meet someone by the vibe they give if we will be close friends. 

 I look forward to reading this post back in a years time seeing what has changed or what has stayed the same! I’m looking forward to writing more personal posts and sharing my adventures with you all.  Thanks for all your support in 2016 and here is to an amazing 2017! 

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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