Styling with Jate

You might have seen last week on my snapchat (katekelly1) that myself and my good pal Jess from had a little photo shoot  with the Sarah (@lovesummersarah). I’ve never shot with a photographer and of course I was giggling the whole morning, other bloggers make it look so easy! With my fashion posts I tend to pose the exact same way in every shot so I wanted to mix things up a little and add in one of my besties, Jess.


Unexpected friendships are the best ones.

I’ve been blogging for just over 3 years and I’ve made some incredible friendships with fellow bloggers, Jess being one of them. Every big event or milestone she’s always the first to text to support me. In life you need to surround yourself with like minded people who support you no matter what. I’m very lucky that I have amazing friends. Each of them are so different but I love them all so much. My friends are my everything and they make me who I am. 


Some people think that the blogging industry is catty and that we are all competing against each other. I mean sure this happens but you know what, it doesn’t bother me at all. Blogging has always and will always be a hobby for me. I started my blog to learn about the industry from a PR angle and it’s helped me hugely with my career. I take everyone at face value and until they do something personal to me, their drama doesn’t bother me. I am forever learning from other bloggers and feel inspired from their creative content.


I’m very excited about what myself & Jess have planned. We are both fashion crazy with very different styles but somehow we nearly always wear the exact same style of shoes, it’s like she can read my mind! Each month we are going to share a street style look with a theme inspired from current fashion trends. Both Jess and myself have very different styles and we want to show you how we incorporate this into our trend of choice. This month we played on the embroidery theme, you know it’s my favourite. I actually own too much embroidery! 


Fashion is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. 

This monthly series won’t just be about fashion, we are going to talk about our friendship, life and a bit of everything in between. When friendships as good as this come around you have to celebrate it and have fun! Neither myself or Jess take ourselves too serious, life’s about having fun! 

I hope you enjoy the content Jess and myself have planned and make sure to check Jess’s blog out!  Thanks to the fabulous Sarah Deegan for being our photographer and I’m excited for our next shoot!


Outfit details

Runners – boohoo €20

Skirt – Zara

White shirt – Zara

Jacket – boohoo €75


Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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