Valentine’s Day, is it a big deal?

Before I start discussing all things Valentine’s and love I want to welcome you to the second post from Jess & myself. We wanted to add something new to both of our blogs discussing similar topics and styles we love and that’s when ‘Styling with Jate’ was created. The first blog post had a huge response so here’s another fun read, thanks for reading! Also, Jess shares some VERY EXCITING news on her Valentine’s blog post! Read it here. 


To some girls big gestures on Valentine’s day are everything. Is this me? Nope, I’m the complete opposite. I am a huge sucker for anything romantic but grand gestures make me want to run for the hills. Flowers and chocolates for just one day, I want them on a monthly occurrence! (Now if chocolate and flowers do arrive I won’t turn my nose up at them).


I’ve never really been into Valentine’s Day, even when I was younger. I’ve had hits and misses when I have decided to let myself celebrate Valentine’s Day. I completely forgot about it one year and booked a flight for myself (not including my boyfriend) to visit my friend in America. My boyfriend at the time was not impressed as he had planned a very romantic night, my bad! I’ve even been stood up on Valentine’s Day resulting in a takeaway and a very large tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Unless Valentine’s Day is on the weekend you won’t see me making any plans. Two years ago the zoo had the coolest Valentine’s Day plans. They let you arrive an hour early and gave each couple a red rose. I will admit this was very cool of the zoo and possibly one of the best dates I’ve been on!


I don’t like to do things like everyone else. If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will know that I am a little unique. My style is my own and I hate having the same shoes as anyone else. Sharing the same day as everyone in the world to celebrate my love for someone else just isn’t me. I don’t judge anyone that loves February 14th or secretly loves the day either. It’s whatever day you want to make it. This year it’s a normal Tuesday for me and I’m actually going for dinner with friends. For me it’s the little things that count like my favourite chocolate bar or sending me a good morning text with a cute puppy. I may seem high maintenance but I’m a pretty easy person to love.

I want you to love me everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.  


Have you any funny Valentine’s Day stories, let me know! Read what Jess from SelfieGirl thinks of Valentine’s Day on her blog! Thanks to the fabulous Sarah for shooting this look.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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