7 Things I like about living in Dublin

I’ve lived in Dublin for 4 years now and I really do love it. Right now I couldn’t imagine myself living elsewhere. With that in mind I love a good adventure and I need to find more hidden gems of Dublin to share with you ladies! You are in for another treat with this blog post as it’s a ‘Styling with Jate’ post. My good friend Jess and myself pick a topic and both write about it on our blogs, along with styling a look around the piece. This week the pair of us are head to toe in Penney’s and they have very kindly let us choose a full outfit for the piece. Wait until you see the pictures of the skirt I picked, I felt like a princess!

Jate 1



Fun fact: Did you know that I am from Cavan and Jess is from Tipperary? Both being from the country we have different views on the big smoke that is Dublin’s fair city. Read Jess blog post here. 

“For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel
like home.”

7 things I like about living in Dublin

1.There is always phone coverage. Growing up this was a tough one and it still is every time I go home to visit my parents. When I go to Cavan I usually send a text to my friends to say here’s my house number if you’re trying to reach me. You nearly need to sit out the window to get an Instagram post up!


2. The choice of restaurants. I am a foodie and trying out a new spot for lunch or dinner is one of my favourite things to do. I use Lovin Dublin as a food bible and it’s possibly my favourite website about all things Dublin.


3.The people. Since moving to Dublin I’ve made more friends than ever and really good friendships at that. I think people in Ireland are the most friendly people in the world. I’ve met some incredible people in the past 4 years since moving to Dublin that have changed my life. Every person you meet has a story and you will learn at least one thing from meeting them.


4.You are never too far from the sea. Growing up beside a lake has always made me love water and being around it. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that I couldn’t see water. Every morning as I embark on my journey to work I have the most beautiful view of the sea and it instantly cheers me up. If I’m upset or nervous about something I always go for a walk by the sea to calm me down, it works every time.


5.The feeling of opportunity. In Dublin I feel like you can make anything happen if you want to with less judgement. I know from a lot of people who have grown up in a small town that you would be judged for being a little different. I love where I grew up but I knew that I needed to move to a city to challenge myself. I know my mum is still holding onto the hope that someday I will return to live at home but for the moment there is just too much out there for me to settle. Work hard, play harder as I say!


6.You always bump into someone you know. This can be a good or bad thing I suppose but I love it! Today I actually bumped into a girl I haven’t seen since Primary school and I love the feeling of randomly seeing someone. If you really start to miss home a drunken night in Coppers will fix that for you.


7.Penneys! I mean there is a Penneys shop in every area of Dublin at this stage. Still to this day there is no Penneys in Cavan and I remember my very first trip into Penneys which was in Athlone just before I went to the Gaeltacht at 14. Today’s outfit is head to toe Penneys. It’s where I go to shop and I love their stuff.

Let me know why you love living in Dublin if you do on twitter @k8_kell! Also, a huge thank you to Brid O’Donovan on shooting this look with us, I LOVE the photos as they captured our personality.


Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

* Both of our outfits in this blog post were kindly gifted by Penneys (Primark) and are available in stores now.


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